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We are a team of professionals in the events, communications, and art sector, who have decided to put together our experience of over 20 years, as well as our knowledge, energy, and dreams, in order to serve corporate events.
Our trajectory in the events sector has taught us that we can do our job in a much more constructive, artistic, and socially-aware way.
Our aim is to bring this idea to each of the destinations we offer in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, providing them with rewarding experiences that will enrich their knowledge and social skills, as well as their personal experience.
For this reason, in addition to technical knowledge, our team also uses specific tools from the worlds of sociology, art, history, and group dynamics.
In Act Spain & Morocco, as well as having experienced tourism professionals, we work with sociologists, university graduates in fine arts, history, and cultural animation, urban art critics, sculptors, photographers, IT specialists, and graphic designers.
The Act Spain & Morocco team works daily to be up to date with all the current tendencies, and social, technological, and artistic movements which are being experienced in our destinations.

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