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The capital of Morocco is a calm, beautiful, and elegant city.
In spite of all its urban development, Rabat has been able to maintain just the right size for its residents and visitors. It is a city that does not have tall buildings, dominated all over by a blue sky, the Atlantic ocean, and the Bouregreg river.
Rabat has important archaeological monuments such as the Hassan Tower, which has vestiges of a mosque built in the 7th century, as well as the Chellah complex.
Rabat is home to an exceptionally beautiful medina and a magnificent fortress (the Udayas).
The Art Deco buildings of the main streets are a witness to its colonial past; together with the surrounding modern buildings, they create a very good balance.
In recent years, Rabat has become a city of events, and a destination worthy of consideration when organising any type of meeting or incentive. The tram has improved transport immeasurably, and drastically reduced the number of cars on the road.



Events & Communication

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