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Services & Activities

Services and activities focused towards serving the most discerning of clients.


We analyse the needs of each incentive trip and offer a personalised proposal using the best products and ideas possible according to each destination. Balance and harmony are the essence of our programs.


Dynamic, different, oriented towards the needs of the client, and offering the best value based on each budget. Our motto is: a little goes a long way.


We offer special services for conference organisers, from themed trips, technical visits, transportation, meals, activities, etc.


Help with designing the communication plan, website for each event, graphic design, design and assembly of stands, structure, group dynamics, talks, coaching. The world of communication is our passion, and we pass our enthusiasm on to the participants.


Themed evening meals, product launches and presentations, forums. Act Spain & Morocco offers a wide range of themed services, from a simple evening meal (which can prove to be a powerful communication tool), to a botanical program consisting of visits to the most exclusive private estates in the destinations we offer.


Our long experience has led us at times to organise visits for football, basketball, handball, etc. teams, offering them logistical services from transport for the team, VIPs, sponsors, and fans, to their accommodation and food. At Act Spain & Morocco we have excellent relationships with the most prominent Spanish teams, offering private visits, friendly games, and packages for league games. We also offer the possibility to take part in the following sports: + Trekking.+ Hiking.+ Football games with local teams.+ Surfing.+ Sailing.+ Bike riding...


Act Spain & Morocco offers an original range of activities which are aimed at:


* Group bonding.

* Team work.

* Sharing of knowledge.

* Getting to know each other.

* Attitude of belonging to an organisation.

* Knowledge of the surrounding area and space management.* By means of a few original and fun activities we can reach objectives which at first may seem very difficult.

* Sharing in a well thought-out and well-worked activity allows obstacles to be overcome which may otherwise stand in the way of harmony, understanding, and therefore the effectiveness and productivity of many companies and/or organisations. 

* Electric skate: This is an activity which, though carried out individually, is good for a team, because electric skating depends as much on personal skill as on support from other team members. We also do this activity as a competition between teams.


* Urban graffiti: Through this original urban expression, each team will be able to create forms and figures, using their imagination to aid the group dynamic.


* Bike tour: The most relaxing and fun way of discovering the hidden parts of a city. The circuits are planned according to the specific needs of each group.


* Gastro tours: Original gastronomical circuits which allows one to discover the true local cuisine, avoiding the overly familiar tourist destinations in favour of a true gastronomical event.

* Gymkhanas: Another way of getting to know the cities' best hidden corners. Our gymkhanas submerge the group into the heart of the city where they take place.


* Music: It's hard to imagine life without music. Every culture and every country has their own, though somehow they are all directly or indirectly related.


Health and well-being:​


Health: Act Spain & Morocco offers help and assistance during your stay in our country.​




+ Spa.

+ Beauty treatment.

+ Massages.

+ Yoga and tai chi courses.

+ Relaxation.


Act Spain & Morocco is the specialist in offering trips to the most unique places to get together, relax, and create some unforgettable memories.


From estates and farmhouses, to original hotels, here at Act Spain & Morocco we have a wide range of products which can be adapted to any need, to make your event a very special experience.


We help you find that special place that enables you to reach your communication objectives.


- Transport:


By land, sea, or air, we have no limit of options to make your travelling a true delight. We use original and exclusive transportation modes, so that your travels become a unique experience.

  • Themed programs:


  • Culture:

+ Private visits to museums.

+ Visits led by history of art professors.

+ Events in private art galleries and museums.

+ Visits to workshops of contemporary artists.

+ Cinemathèque: Each moment a story, each story a film.

+ Theatre: Be a spectator, or why not create and act in your own play with the help of the professionals.    



Through the use of certain specific routes, we can offer you the opportunity to relive a period of Spanish and Moroccan history, according to the interests of the group.


Oenology (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedés, Jerez, and Meknes):


+ We offer the opportunity to deeply discover the defining features of each wine region, with the help of wine experts and talks with the owners of the cellars themselves. This in addition to tasting sessions.



+ Courses with prestigious chefs.

+ Workshops.

+ Classes with gastronomy historians.

+ Tasting.



Nature is probably the most beautiful thing we have on our planet, and it is also the only source of livelihood for many villages. In Act Spain & Morocco, we are very aware of this fact, and we actively discourage any activity which could be harmful to nature. In addition, we offer activities and trips which help protect it.


+ Reforestation programs.

+ Renewable energy programs.+ Clean-up programs in areas which have been affected by human actions.


Social programs: 


In Act, we can offer you the opportunity to include an act of generosity in your event which will help people who really need it:


+ Rebuilding schools.

+ Helping socially marginalised children.

+ Helping the older generation.

+ Contributions to charities.

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