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Spain and Morocco are close. Very close. They are places which need to be felt; they are the ideal scenario to carry out corporate activities removed from daily routine. Our contribution is to offer two destinations which have their own personality but which complement each other very well. Two different views, but facing the same objective. Without a doubt, physical travel has always helped to open minds, bring differing views together, and to better understand the world in which we live.


With this in mind, here at Act Spain & Morocco we want to show, through event organisation, that it is possible to create a better world, where cultures can live together and enrich each other, while at the same time prioritising environmental sustainability, creating better life conditions for everyone. Direct communication has a lot to offer in this regard, and we firmly believe in this principle.


For this reason, understanding, solidarity, and cooperation, are some of our company's principles. In Act Spain & Morocco we constantly search for convergence. We look for points in common, agreement and harmony being our marketing objectives for unforgettable times.

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